Giv exists to help blighted and transitional communities regrow via place. Its emphasis on comprehensive area planning, creative branding initiatives, and hands-in-the-dirt program facilitation serve as a type of connective tissue between city and citizen that is often lacking in disadvantaged areas. Through it all, we look to catalyze sustainable, vibrant, and lasting communities in the places, and for the people, that need it most. Learn more about us here.

Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

Giv Communities
  • Our Focus

    Giv Communities primarily works in early and mid-century urban districts that have lost some of the bustle of yesteryear. In thinking about these areas, Giv starts with four basic questions: 1) What's great about the neighborhood? 2) What's already being done? 3) What's missing? and then our personal favorite, 4) How do we get it back?

  • Our Team

    Our group is an eclectic band of planners, developers, architects, engineers, artists, financiers, entrepreneurs, community members, and a dog named Andy. The team is as diverse as it is united in the idea that helping once-vital neighborhoods renew is a beautiful way to spend a life. Come meet us here!

  • Our Projects

    The Trolley District - Ogden, Utah
    Urban Halo Districts - SLC, Utah
    The Startup District - Provo, Utah

  • How To Giv

    Giv Communities is fortunate to have all of its facility and administrative expenses donated to it by community partner, Giv Development. This unique gift allows the time, materials, and money received from other friendly folks to be spent directly on the projects they were intended for. Click below to donate.